Wine is pleasure.?
Wine is a true gift, the celebration of the generosity of nature, and the care and mastery of the winemaker.
?It is the symbol of life, of a land and of conviviality.?
It creates relationships and evokes ever-new emotions in the flowing of our everyday lives.


Those who approach our world are fascinated by the great diversity in the craft and customs, and how nature appears unspoiled.

We respect the rhythms of time marked by long days and the changing of the seasons; moments that repeat themselves, always the same, but never the same. Our heritage preserves the values of the old days, such as the love for our land and our family, the pleasure of hospitality and the passion for authentic and genuine things.

Zorzettig wines are made from carefully hand picked grapes that are carried to the old winery where they are transformed into wine, which then ages in our cellars.
?Every stage of winemaking is carried out with great care and attention to detail to reflect our own passion for our land and wines.


Zorzettig Estate and Winery "lies" on the slopes of one of the highest hills of Spessa di Cividale, in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, a particularly suitable winegrowing area.

The Colli Orientali del Friuli area naturally lies in an optimal geographical position for winegrowing, protected as it is from the cold winds of the north by the Julian Alps, and influenced by the beneficial breezes of the Adriatic Sea.

Our winery was established one hundred years ago and for the last seventy years we have bottled our wine. Starting thirty years ago we have brought about several improvements in vineyard management, which included the gradual requalification of native vineyards and the improvement of the winemaking and bottling techniques.

In the last ten years we have developed a holistic vision of quality, and continually strive to improve the sustainable profile of our winery. Indeed we commit to protecting and enhancing the environment, developing technology with an appeal to tradition in order to offer an authentic quality product.

The Cellar

The old wine cellar, which dates back to 1780, has been completely renovated retaining the original stone features.

Controlled temperature is maintained during every stage winemaking.

In 2010 we implemented a new cutting-edge bottling line to control the amount of oxygen present in the bottles in order to prevent premature oxidation, as well as nitrogen blanketing to preserve the wine.


Highly trained personnel in every area of the estate and winery is, we believe, the best way to introduce the Zorzettig brand.

Reception, visits to the winery and wine tastings are carried out by our specifically prepared multilingual staff, who passionately and competently "recount" all the aspects of each wine.

The best Friulan reception, cemented by our lifelong family history in winemaking well combines with the local produce.


Zorzettig is also synonym of a modern, contemporary company presenting its wines through several events.

Discover more about the news and events at Zorzettig.


Our focus is on conviviality as a way to come together and share food, wine, conversations and entertainment in a relaxed, convivial setting.

This idea gave birth to the project we call "Convivio", which is becoming more and more well recognised thanks also to the collaboration with some significant cultural bodies of Friuli: MITTELFEST, PORDENONELEGGE, CINEMAZERO.